Choosing the Best Photo

We want your portrait to be the very best it can be. To help with this, we've put together this handy guide which will help you in selecting the most suitable images for your chose design.

What makes a good photo?

  • Good natural lighting
  • Taken at your pet's eye level
  • Is a headshot
  • Sharp image, not blurry
  • Facing the camera or slightly to one side.

What makes a photo unsuitable?

Your photo may not be suitable for one or more of the following reasons...

Blurry or Dark

Please ensure your photo is sharp and taken in good neutral light. Also try to avoid direct sunlight as this can cast harsh shadows

Taken from Above

Photos taken down at your pet's eye level always work best  

Used a Screenshot

Please use original photos where possible, screenshots are often low quality

Awkward Posture

Photos taken with your pet at an awkward angle such as laying down or looking over their shoulder are usually not suitable

Too Far Away

We just need your pet's head and shoulders so try not to use a photo taken at a distance

Features are Missing

Make sure we can see all of your pet's face and head and that any large ears are within the frame of the photo