PICTURE-PURRFECT: How to Hang Your Portrait Perfectly

So, you’ve picked your design and uploaded your snap, waited patiently for the postman to come and excitedly opened the envelope. You’re the proud owner of a Purr & Mutt print. Now what?!   It’s time to hang up your picture of course!   We know that this can be the most tedious and frustrating stage, so in case you’re a little nervous about going freehand with a hammer, the...

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The purr-fect top five tips to keep your pets calm this Bonfire Night!

With bonfire night fast approaching, it can be a stressful time for pets and owners across the UK. Although enjoyable for us humans, the loud noises and flashing lights can be very daunting for our little companions, resulting in them feeling unsettled and stressed. Your pet may show some of the following signs that you may want to look out for , indicating they’re not a fan of the fireworks:...

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COMPETITION TIME! We're looking for the Nation's messiest pet

Do you think you have the UK’s messiest pet? Calling all pet-parents! Are you convinced you own the UK’s messiest mutt? We want to honour the owner of the nation’s naughtiest pet with a free personalised print. Because who doesn’t love a mucky pup? Here at Purr & Mutt, we love all kinds of pets, no matter how big or small, well-behaved or cheeky. In fact, the cheekier the better,...

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"I see no ships" - The Lord Nelson Pet Portrait is Now Here!

Have you ever looked at your pet and just thought 'I wish I could see what they'd look like wearing the full Naval uniform of one of British history's most famous seafarers.'? Who hasn't right?! Well, the wait is now finally over and we're thrilled to announce that the Lord Nelson Pet Portrait is now here! Adorned with medals and a really classic feeling to the artwork, this is definitely...

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All Rise for the Queen!

Check out our latest pet portrait design; 'The Queen'! Add a nice regal touch to your home decor and order one today!

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