The purr-fect top five tips to keep your pets calm this Bonfire Night!


The purr-fect top five tips to keep your pets calm this Bonfire Night! | Purr & Mutt

With bonfire night fast approaching, it can be a stressful time for pets and owners across the UK. Although enjoyable for us humans, the loud noises and flashing lights can be very daunting for our little companions, resulting in them feeling unsettled and stressed. Your pet may show some of the following signs that you may want to look out for , indicating they’re not a fan of the fireworks: panting, restlessness, barking, scratching, whining, and pacing.

So, ahead of firework season, we wanted to share some of our top tips to help you and your fury friends stay safe and stress free during this frightening time!

  1. Keep blinds/curtains closed and windows shut.

The first action to take when the dreaded fireworks start is to make sure all your curtains are closed, and windows are shut! Pets are very noise sensitive, by shutting all windows the noise from fireworks will be reduced. Closing the curtains is another helpful tip as sometimes the bright flashing lights can be threatening and distressing for your pets. Don’t let animals outside during firework time so make sure to let them out before it gets dark – and make sure to bring bunnies inside.

  1. Find a safe space for your pets to take cover.

Making sure that your pets feel as relaxed as possible is another very important action to take. Try finding the quietest room in the house for them to take cover but make sure not to trap them as they can become stressed. Dogs, for example, may not want to be confined to a particular room so let them roam free and find where is comfortable for them. Try making a den out of their favourite blankets, with all their favourite toys!

  1. Put on a playlist of calming music.

A playlist of calming music will help keep your pets relaxed as it will block out some of the unwanted noise. Even having the TV on louder as a bit of background noise will help distract your pets and cover up the unwanted noise.

  1. Stock up on tasty treats and favourite cuddly toys.

What better way to cheer up your fury friends than a selection of all their favourite treats and toys? Whether it’s a loud squeaky toy or a tasty treat, your pets are bound to be distracted by a selection of their favourite things. Dental sticks work well for dogs as a distraction as they are very time consuming!

  1. Cuddles!!

Lastly, make sure to comfort your pets with lots of cuddles and belly tickles. Keeping close to your pets when they are distressed will help reduce their levels of anxiety and make them feel a lot safer. Seeing their besties relaxed will help them to feel the same, so make sure you stay calm and don’t stress.

Follow these five tips to ensure that Bonfire Night is enjoyable for everyone - including your little companion!