Affiliate Program

Do you have what it takes to sell our awesome pet portraits? Whether you’re an online marketing expert, a dog walker, a dog groomer or in any profession that you think can generate sales, then we’d like to work with you!

We’re currently looking for affiliates to run our campaigns to the UK market on a CPA basis. We accept email, display, push, social and search traffic and really think that you’ll be impressed with just how popular our products are. If you’re not online focused and work in a physical industry (e.g. dog grooming) then we can supply you with some flyers which will track sales and allow you to earn commission just by simply handing our flyers out.

For more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss further. You can also sign up to WRM Network and apply to run the campaigns through there, although we will need to contact you anyway before approving.